Just finished watching EHB... sooo funny!! Happy too that my joongie was shown a lot. N his tolerance for spicy foods is beyond my imagination. I love spicy foods too, but to the extend of eating the most spiciest chili in the world n not showing any reaction.... I SALUTE YOU JOONGIE!!!
Now... to the next topic... my joongie's birthday is just 10 days fr now. Wonder how the other boys will celebrate his birthday? I hope it will be as fun as Junsu's. N i'm sure all the cass around the world will celebrate too!! Hmm... what should i prepare for him .... a basket full of chili perhaps? HAHAHA!! Just kidding.... maybe i should prepare a video tribute to him n upload it on youtube.. should be nice!!
I'm off to watch AADBSK Season 2 for *don't know how many time* I'm anticipating the T album... 
DBSK Hwaiting!!! Joongie Sarangheyo!!! Yunjae Yongwonhi!!!

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Happy Birthday Xiah Junsu!!!

Today is Xiah Junsu's birthday!!! Happy 21st Birthday to you... may all your dreams come true...
He's in Bangkok now for 2nd Asia Tour 'O' Concert... lucky Thai fans. Wish i could be there.... 
but anyway, we did celebrate his birthday earlier during the concert in KL.
DBSK Hwaiting!! Xiah Junsu Hwaiting!! Micky Yoochun Hwaiting!! Yongwoong Jaejoong Hwaiting!! Choikang Changmin Hwaiting!! U-Know Yunho Hwaiting!!       I LOVE YOU ALL!!